18. september 2020 - 14:00 indtil 16:00
Student & Innovation House
DenmarkFrederiksbergHowitzvej 30, 2000 Frederiksberg

Bonfire Talk: Challenging the Status Quo // Golden Days Festival, Student & Innovation House, fredag, 18. september 2020

Exploring the INNOVATIVE POWER OF YOUTH we have invited Uffe Elbæk and The Green Student Movement for a conversation and a hot chocolate.

For every generation youth has been a tremendous force pushing boundaries, reinventing our society and challenging the status quo.

In the warm company of Uffe Elbæk and The Green Student Movement we unfold the impressive innovative force of youth while sipping hot chocolate. We explore earlier generations' rebellious visions and zoom in on the biggest youth movement of our time: The Climate Movement.

In a conversational setting around a bonfire our experts will shed light on the importance of youth movements and questioning old conventions rebelling against the status quo. To finish off we will allow our guests a sneak peek into the future of studentdriven innovation offering a tour around the new Student & Innovation House. The event will be hosted by Student & Innovation House as part of the Golden Days Festival.

Only 50 tickets available - first come, first served.

The event is a part of Golden Days Festival 2020: FOREVER YOUNG. Check out the program here: https://goldendays.dk

Bonfire Talk: Challenging the Status Quo // Golden Days Festival

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