19. oktober 2020 - 11:00 indtil 14:00
Nordisk Folkecenter
DenmarkLemvigKammersgaardsvej 16

Build your own Sun Generator, Nordisk Folkecenter, mandag, 19. oktober 2020

Whether you are working with developing countries or you just want to have some electricity in your small cottage, the Sun Generator is the right solution for you! You just need a PV panel, a Sun Generator and...voilà! You have electricity! In the workshop you will learn how to construct a 250 W Sun Generator, so that you can have electricity everywhere - provided you have sun, of course:)

The workshop will take place in Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy and it will last two days (plus an additional half a day if you do not know how to solder electronics). Participation to the workshop is open to everyone, but registration is required.

Build your own Sun Generator

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