10. juli 2020 - 12:00 indtil 15:00

CHS reunion for the class of 2010., Danmark, fredag, 10. juli 2020

Well, I thought it may be cool to meet up again in a good few years and see how we're all doing.

Invite everyone you know that went to CHS class of 2010 (and the new people at 6th form if you like). I know there are a lot of different types of people etc and there may be a big clash personalities if we just mashed us all together but what we'd do is probably all meet up and we can see who came and find the people that we were old friends with etc.

Anyone think this is a good idea? (Comment on this event or whatever) If this ends up with just 3 people attending then I'll get rid of it but I thought it may be a cool idea:) Meet old friends, see who's failed, who's dead, who's rich punch the person that you always hated or just get pissed all night with people you used to drink with. I dunno, **** like that. It'll probably be awkward but I reckon it'll be worth it:)

As well as the above **** the date is flexible, it's pretty far ahead in the future so if anyone wants to suggest another date for whatever reason just comment or message me and I'll change it if it's a decent reason.

P.S. Sorry if I invited anyone who didn't go to Congleton by accident:P

CHS reunion for the class of 2010.

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