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Network Group for Leading Executives in the Digital Age
The digital strategy network group gives you access to a unique group of senior peers in the industry
The objective of the group is to develop & share insights and experience to keep your skills, digital strategy and business ahead of the curve.

Our mantra is, If you can measure it, you can improve it.
The network meets four times a year, where IIH will present some of the latest topics and trends followed by a facilitated group session.We believe in close cooperation, when we, with a foundation of data, know-how, the newest technologies, and knowledge take you on a digital journey, which realizes your full potential, and simultaneously ensures that you are on the forefront of development. Our mantra is, If you can measure it, you can improve it. if you can improve it, you should.
Your Network Group
The people participating in the network group are dedicated and passionate senior digital professionals, digital managers and c-level with an interest in bridging the gap between information and action and with a passion for sharing their insights and knowledge.Key Value Points

Peer level confidential sparring
Ahead of the curve knowledge
Facilitated practical and actionable insights
Measurable outputs and business impact

Next Meetings
*These dates are preliminary and are subject to change*
Wednesdays 8:30-13:00 on the following dates:
21st of August 201930th of October 201915th of January 2020
IIH NordicArtillerievej 862300 Copenhagen SDenmark
Your first meeting is free of charge. Please contact Jomar Reyes for a promotional code that allows you to sign up for a trial meeting:
jomar@ 3153 5448

Digital Strategy Network Group

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance

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