Experimentation by Design 2020, BLOX, onsdag, 29. januar 2020

This year’s rendition of Experimentation by Design will bring 100+ international leaders, experts, and creatives on a reconnaissance mission to 2050. 
We will explore the future, look back on the present from carefully designed vantage points, and return with insights, connections, and a trailblazing kit of tools.
Join the conversation in Copenhagen the 29th of January, 2020. 

"You need scenario planning when you’re not confident that the future is right for your strategy."

— Dr. Rafael Ramirez, Oxford Saïd Business School

Join us on a journey 30 years into the future where we will explore alternative scenarios, and look back on the present to enable agility and innovation in business and government.

In a world of political ambiguity and rapid technological transformation, an increasing number of companies and organizations turn to scenario planning to adapt to a more uncertain future — whether it is to understand the future of air travel or healthcare. However, traditional forecasting presentations and wordy reports do not lend you much help when it comes to activating the senses and actually imagining the alternative futures. By combining scenario planning with design it is possible to give physical shape to the future; allowing you to immerse yourself in and experience the scenarios on your own body. Design scenarios thereby creates vastly more powerful engagement, make strategies tangible, and help catalyse concrete organizational change.

For the third time, Danish Design Centre hosts the Experimentation by Design conference, which tackles some of our biggest societal challenges using design methods. This year, we are also launching an exciting new venture to develop and design scenarios for the future of our society. The participants will gain access to a set of concrete tools that can be deployed at home.

Come together with 100+ other international decision makers, innovators, and thought leaders in co-designing scenarios for our future society. Take part in a rich interactive discussion of the future of our society and learn from leading international experts in scenario planning, design, and innovation. Together, we will explore the year 2050, identify key uncertainties from now till then, and look back on the present to discuss how the insights we gain from the future can inform the strategic decisions we make today.

Experimentation by Design 2020

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