Product Challenge Session - Coaching Product People, Copenhagen, onsdag, 06. november 2019

Are you ready to be challenged in your product idea? 
Whether you work in a start-up or an established business as a Product Manager or Product Owner, your goal is to delight customers and create value for your organization.
We will challenge your idea in a 1:1 session of 2 hours as if we had to invest in it. We will look into the problem you are trying to solve, the market fit, the team, your approach to testing your assumptions, and beyond. We will reflect together and coach you for your investor pitch. 
We are a group of three experienced leaders that worked in Start-ups and established companies; we coach product teams and startups and help them ****** their ideas into sucessful products.
Location and venue will be communicated once you are confirmed for the session. This session is free of charge. 

Product Challenge Session - Coaching Product People

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