THE VALUE OF BETTER LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS IN SCHOOLS, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, onsdag, 09. oktober 2019

Children today spend 90% of their time indoors, and a 15% improvement impact on learning abilities has been shown in settings, where students learn in an optimal indoor environment.
This masterclass probes new research, planning, design and building practices that can inform cities and stakeholders in their drive to develop better learning environments in sustainable and energy efficient schools, as part of an urban strategy.

Get the newest insights about indoor climate and the effects on learning and be inspired by Danish best practices in new and renovated school buildings

Listen to the best Danish architects and engineers vision of a future of better learning environments, using technology and investment tools, joined by the clients and school principals, who share first hand experiences with changes of design and behaviour

Discover new partnerships to transform how we plan, build and renovate learning environments for the future and get inspiration for strategies and planning on multiple levels

Meet: Jakob Strømann (Henning Larsen), Katja Viltoft (JJW Architects), Professor Geo Clausen (Technical University of Denmark - DTU), professor Deane Alan Simpson (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts), other experts and representatives from Danish Municipalities and C40 Cities.

The masterclass is arranged by the VELUX group in partnership with C40 and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture, Design and Conservation.


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